Future Phoren

I have a new ally in my constant battle with procrastination.  Her name is “Future Phoren”.  Future Phoren is a bit temperamental and isn’t someone I want to aggravate.   Keeping her desires in the forefront of my mind is helping me to get those pesky little “jobs” done every day.


It’s late at night, I’m driving home from work and I notice my gas tank is one hair shy of empty.  The choice – fill the tank now or wait until tomorrow.  Usually,  I would keep on driving, waiting to fill it tomorrow.  Now, I ask myself, “what would Future Phoren think?”  Future Phoren will probably be running late for work and cuss loudly when she realizes she still needs to get gas – Future Phoren will be pissed it didn’t get done the night before.  So,  I take the ten minutes on my way home to get gas.  Future Phoren is happy.   

I want to flake out on yoga once again.  Before I do, I think about Future Phoren.  Future Phoren is going to wake up tomorrow and feel like a big, blubbery lazy ass.  I don’t want Future Phoren berating herself,  so I drag myself off to yoga.

Future Phoren is my ally in all kinds of situations – cleaning the dishes in the sink, getting the car washed (or the oil changed), doing laundry or staying a few hours after work.  With Future Phoren on my mind, things get put away, cleaned up and completed. 

And when I don’t procrastinate, I keep Future Phoren happy.


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