That which Remains Unwritten

Being a B&B owner takes a huge desire to care for others and provide personalized service.

I have a dream to own a Bed and Breakfast. My sister and I are self-ascribed Bed and Breakfast connoisseurs. A B&B or Inn needs to be cozy and comfortable, offer a hearty breakfast and have something we refer to as the “cuteness factor”. I’d like mine to be all that, plus run as a small restaurant in the evenings with ingredients raised and grown on the grounds.

In 2009, I had the opportunity to reduce my work hours and I made the most of it by attending culinary school. I graduated in August 2009 and have spent the last seven months “cutting my teeth” part time at a local steakhouse and doing an occasional catering.

The next logical step for me is to transition from Bed and Breakfast guest to

April 9 is looming and I desperately need to write this essay for my B&B externship application. As you can tell, difficulties abound. What could be giving me this temporary writer’s block? I can usually zip off a post in less than 30 minute. While not astonishing works of genius, my musings usually get the point across – and really, with this essay, that’s all I’m trying to do. Something, however, seems to be holding me back. Is it fear that I’ll actually get accepted? Is it my persistent awareness that my words are impotent descriptors of this overwhelming desire? Perhaps I’m afraid of the rejection – who am I to think I would be chosen over the many who will likely apply? This one little page of words is vexing me terribly. Why can’t I get it out on paper?


3 thoughts on “That which Remains Unwritten

  1. Essay? That word scares me.

    Write what you feel: you can always edit it later. Just start writing anything down. I’m sure you’ll find an angle/theme/common thread somewhere.
    Write from the heart. That first attempt seems to be missing your personal flavoring.

    “My dream is to own a B & B. I have done these things to achieve my goal:

    After shortened my work hours to enrolled in culinary school. I graduated in 2009 and have done 7 months of on the job training at …

    Gardening is an ongoing passion for me and I would like to offer ……………….

    I am proud of the surrounding area and would like to share my local knowledge with travelers to heighten their experience and make them enjoy their first stay that they will come back again.

    My experience working in a B &B is limited and I would jump at the chance to work ___________ to gain experience and make me better able to offer future guests at my establishment feel at home, comfortable, and thinking they had found a secret gem rather than a sterile pseudo-hotel.

    B & B’s are a business for many, but I consider it a lifestyle choice and would like to take a positive step to make it part of mine.”

    Just write the truth.

    Good luck!


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