What the hell has happened to me?  I feel like shit today.  I’ve fallen off the wagon once again – work has been crazy and I’m not taking care of myself.  As I write this,  I have a huge headache on the left side of my head,  I slept wrong last night and pulled a muscle in my shoulder,  my skin looks like crap and I’m lethargic.  It serves me right – yoga seems to have fallen off my schedule yet again, I’m working ridiculous hours and I’ve been putting the most egregious things in my mouth.  Yesterday, for example, I had a mid-morning snack of bread pudding (gifts from a vendor), a carnitas burrito lunch (love my piggy) and a few handfuls of girl scout thin mints and Hershey’s kisses – all washed down with two tall lattes.  Yuck.

I know better than this – and it pisses me off that I can’t seem to pull myself together.


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