Why Don’t they Say That?

There’s something to be said for the propriety of times past, when women were ladies and men were gallant.  Yes, I know this is a distortedly rosy view of the times, but indulge me for a minute. 

My decorum failed me today and I emailed him.  How long was I supposed to linger – waiting for a word from him?  Weeks?  Months?  Years?  Well, I lasted about a day.

So, I shot him a brief email and received one in reply.  This is what he said (among other things):

“This coming Sunday I am trying to make ‘free’ for fun.  Just throwing it out there.”

Did he just ask me out?  I think he’s asking me out, but I’m not sure.  Could this be any more vague?  Free for fun with me – or just free for fun, in a very general way?  “Just throwing it out there”?  As in “just throwing it out there to see what sticks”?  Am I not worthy of a proper request?

What does that mean? And, damn, I’m not available on Sunday, regardless.  I offered the alternative of Saturday and am waiting to hear back. 

And waiting….

And waiting…

The Rules ladies would so disown me, if they could. I’m sounding desperate – even to myself. 

Why can’t it be like the old days when a gentleman caller would contact you to say, “Madame, would you be so kind as to accompany me to (insert activity) on (insert date).  I will pick you up at (insert time) to escort you to (insert activity above), should you be so inclined, as I think you are the most beautiful, accomplished, witty woman that I have ever met and would be honored to be in your presence if only for this one evening.” 

Why don’t they say that anymore?


2 thoughts on “Why Don’t they Say That?

  1. Basic language fail.

    Yes, he’s asking you out. This isn’t really a big mystery or puzzle. He’s saying “I’m keeping Sunday free, are you interested in doing something?”

    Jesus Christ, this isn’t rocket surgery.


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