Transitory Clouds

My Buddhist friend calls the myriad of possessions, relationships, events and beliefs in our lives “transitory clouds in an illusory sky”.

I’m a dabbling Buddhist at best, but this statement has resonance. 

If we think of these “things” as clouds – changing, disappearing, migrating – it makes the rollercoaster of life essentially bearable.

When unwanted or unexpected change rears its head, our first reaction is often to cling or clutch for what we know, for the comfortable.  If we see the absurdity in this grasping at clouds, it allows us peace with these things we cannot control. 

It’s perceptive to find delight in a cloud’s formation and just as foolish to mourn its passing.


4 thoughts on “Transitory Clouds

  1. ” . . . I’m a dabbling Buddhist at best,”

    I call my Self a “Zen Christian” with more Zen nowadays than the other.

    So, how do you “let go?” Don’t you want to hang on to that fake security blanket until the last moment before “diving” into the unknown.

    That’s my problem. I understand intellectually, but find it tough to put into practice.

    Ok. I’m going to let go right now . . .

    Oh no, I’m melting, I’m melting . . .

    Just kidding. Thanks for the post.

    michael j Conshohocken, PA of USA


  2. Alluding to illusions is how many live: for some … reality pops in at the end.

    Your posts are bumming me out … in a good way. hee hee!

    Between clouds and things of stone and wood … I’ll take the stoney and woody clouds.


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