Let’s See What You’ve Got

Big D and sous chef Poco de Chile have asked me to develop a few menu ideas for the restaurant.  It’s not that they hold my culinary prowess in high regard, but rather this is a “let’s see what you’ve got” mind-set.  I don’t care why they’re asking –I’m determined to show them something good.  It started with “Come up with a soup” and morphed into “Come up with a soup and an entrée”.  By the end of the night, we determined I’d present them with a soup and a dessert.

I have a few ideas for soups.  I’ve been bestowing my co-workers with a new soup creation every week during the fall.  Like a gift from the Magi, I walk into the office carrying my large crock-pot of hearty goodness to share.  So far, I haven’t created anything steakhouse worthy (in my opinion), but I have a few ideas – and I can always fall back on my Moroccan soup that Chef loved if nothing else seems to work.

As for desserts, I think we’re missing a few things on our menu – a cheesecake, a citrus confection and an apple-based dessert.  To start, I’m focusing on citrus – lemon, to be specific.  I’ve homed in on two broad lemon dessert categories:  cheesecakes and tarts.  I want to elevate these basics by adding a secondary component – lavender, ginger or perhaps basil.  My trusty Culinary Artistry should help.  In Lucca, Italy, I tasted an amazing truffle of lemon and white chocolate.  Lucca’s chocolate is divine and this confection did not disappoint – I still remember it five years later.  If only I could duplicate the texture and flavor of that gem and somehow incorporate it into a dessert.

 Step 1 (tonight):

Pour over my recipes and winnow them down to the top three or four.

Reference Culinary Artistry for some good ideas on secondary flavor notes.

Review pending soup ideas

 Step 2…


1 thought on “Let’s See What You’ve Got

  1. Dear Phoren,

    Thank you for the kind words for our book CULINARY ARTISTRY!

    Delicious wishes,
    Karen & Andrew

    P.S. If you like CULINARY ARTISTRY, you might really like our latest THE FLAVOR BIBLE, which has been described as “CULINARY ARTISTRY on steroids”!


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