Kitchen Slave – It begins

I worked my first night as a kitchen slave on Sunday – almost seven hours, no break.  It felt good.  I thought I did/learned/saw much, but was also very aware of how much I have left to learn.  There’s nothing more humbling than being taught how to make desserts by a high-school student.

I made a cilantro-lime aioli, fabricated lemon “snail” garnishes, made doughnuts, sliced about ten onions, made mashed potatoes (that a customer complained were under-seasoned), shucked and removed the kernels from corn, learned how to make pizza, learned how to plate a few desserts, inventoried red meat and helped close.  Overall, it was a good day and a bit of an adventure.

I need to bring more confidence with me into the restaurant.  I’m working with cocky young guys half my age – and I need to be able to stand toe-to-toe with them.

snail garnish

Lemon "Snail" Garnishes


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