High Sticking

I met the guy’s brood yesterday.  Actually, I took them all to a hockey game with seats in my company’s suite.  The evening was awkward for me, considering I’ve decided to end things with the guy.  He doesn’t know yet.  Regrettably, I scheduled this outing a few weeks before I realized we were coming to a halt.  I didn’t have the heart to back out.

And, if I can believe his emails, they like me, which makes matters worse.  I receive this one around noon:

“…terms like ‘awesome’ and ‘very cool’ were used by various children in reference to the game, the evening in general and, believe it or not, you…..”

 Followed by this one later in the day:

“The kids like you.  Now you’re in deep trouble…”

What can I say?  I know how to show the under 13 set a good time.  Fuck!

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