Scattered Energies lead to unfulfilled desires….

This could be my horoscope, couldn’t it?  With a few weeks between myself and culinary school, I’ve started thinking about how to “launch” into the next phase.  I have my foot in the door at the school for a few Friday night happy-hour caterings.  They pick the protein; I come up with a soup, salad, main, starch and veggie for 50 people.  I helped a former student a few weeks ago – and my first attempt is October 23.  I have a bit of stress about it.

 I also contacted my old boss who now runs a steakhouse.  He called my menu “sexy” and mentioned listing one of my menu items as a “special” at the restaurant.  We also talked about my working at the steakhouse one night a week to gain some experience.  I know I need it, but I’m not looking forward to it.  I work hard during the week and my time off is precious.  The steakhouse is a drive from my house – and $6 worth of tolls.  I think I need to get in the mindset that this is just a continuation of school – three or six months of real-life experience.   I’m nervous – I hate being in a learning situation, outside my element, which is exactly where this will place me.

 Speaking of being outside my element, I also have a potential opportunity to participate in an externship in Paris for two weeks in November.  I can’t imagine going without some moral support – that support being my sister – but she’s not sure if she can afford it.  I’m scared of actually doing it and her not being able to travel with me is my perfect excuse for staying in my comfort zone.  I need to decide.  I don’t want to be safe.  I need to focus.


1 thought on “Scattered Energies lead to unfulfilled desires….

  1. I was talking to my husband about your post :: he’s a chef :: and he said that you just need to close your eyes and do it. As with anything, what you learned in school is a lot different then the real world. To have any degree of success :: depending really on where YOU want it to take you :: you’ll need to gain experience in real life.

    Easier said then done.. I know.. But if HE hadn’t left his comfort zone, he wouldn’t have gained the knowledge that he did to put him where he wanted to be.

    But regardless of what choice you make.. be at peace with it.. and don’t ever do the “coulda-woulda-shoulda” mental game. Your decisions are made for a reason so just go with the flow and manage whatever damage comes your way!!

    Good Luck!


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