I feel like crap.  I’m sluggish and sleepy.  I can’t get out of my bed in the morning.  I sit, zombie- like, in front of the TV at night.  My skin’s ashen, my head hurts and I’m stiff and achy.  I feel fat – not just fat – bloated and fat. 

And I know why…

Juggling school, work and life has forced me to place my healthier lifestyle on a back-back burner.  I practiced yoga religiously three times a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  You couldn’t pull me away from my practice for anything.  It’s been weeks since I’ve stepped inside the studio.  I’d walk and jog on the weekends – up and down and around my neighborhood.  I’m lucky if I fit in a 20-minute stroll.  I was eating well – lots of water, veggies, fruits and proteins.  Today, I shove whatever passes my face into my mouth.  I eat what I can, when I can.  If we make cheesy goodness in class, I eat cheesy goodness (or pastry, or richness or whatever else is on the menu).

I feel the difference – I hate it.  I’m reverting to the soft person I once was.  I’m weaker and tired and yuck!  What happens when school is over?  Do I have to start this journey all over again?  Oh, I can’t stand the thought.

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