I have a crush on Richard Butler.  Who?

Richard Butler

This guy.   Yeah, I’m not one of the women who drools over Brad Pitt or Patrick Dempsey.  This is the guy that piques my interest.  Are you wondering who the fuck he is?  He’s the lead singer of Psychedelic Furs, a band from the 80’s (and also an accomplished artist).  Although I liked the band, I didn’t think much of him back then, but now, mmmmm.  It could be the glasses – I have a thing for skinny men in glasses.  Although, it’s more than that.  I saw a Psych Furs show about seven years ago and thought, “hmmm, still charming and charismatic”.  Saw him again about three years later and though, “yum”.  I saw him last year and realized I had a crush.  I met him that time, although briefly.  The Psych Furs are coming to my city in a few months.  I woke early today to be one of the first to buy tickets – did I think they would sell out??!   Am I 16?? I told my friend who’s joining me to be ready to push to the front.  Yep, I have a bit of a crush.

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