A Single Girl’s Life

Oh, the glamorous life of a single girl.  Friday night.  Getting home from a long week, my first move is to peel off my clothes and slip into soft pajamas.  It’s only 7:30 pm.  The contacts are exchanged for my more-comfortable glasses as well.  Tonight, I do laundry.  My chef’s whites need a thorough cleaning for next week.  Dinner is a bowl of too-sweet leftover lamb tagine – a trial recipe that hasn’t made the cut.  And for entertainment?  A BBC adaptation of Vanity Fair from Netflix (read:  a chick flick).  Yes, this is the wild life of this single girl. 

Tonight, Saturday, I’m going out with someone; not a “date”, per se, but not a night out with the girls, either.  We’re dining at a restaurant owned by a certain celebrity chef – a place I’ve been dying to go for many months.  Open Table could only get us reservations at 5:15 – even making them over a month in advance. The early dinner is fine with me – when savoring a good meal, I hate to be rushed.  Afterwards, we’re going to a concert.  No sex, no kiss – just dinner and the show.  Then, home for me to my own, comfy, single-girl bed.  Yep, this is my life.

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