My reprieve is two days away.  Two more days and I will luxuriate in a week without school and work.  Oh, I need it – and I’m very aware just how much.  I’ve struggled this week with both my health and an unexpected bout of lethargy.   I haven’t felt this out of sorts in some time and I know it’s due to my current lifestyle (which doesn’t have much to do about ‘life’ and certainly isn’t being lived with any sort of ‘style’).

 I look forward to spending unconstrained hours on my yoga mat.  Here’s to sleeping late and lazy days of digging in my garden.  Here’s to unscheduled morning with French-pressed coffee and a fat cat curled on my lap.  I can’t wait for long walks under sun-dappling trees and time to think, think, think.  I will breathe again.

These two days cannot pass soon enough, opening up a window of time for me to find my feet once again and place them gently upon the ground.  With this, I can move forward, smiling and happy.

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