Tell Me Goodbye

If you decide to disappear abruptly from my world again, I ask only one thing of you.  No, not an explanation.  I know that, to avoid real explanations, humans will lie – lie to assuage hurt feelings, lie to save face. Lies are no good to me.  I don’t need your lies.  If you decide to leave, I merely ask that you say goodbye.  Tell me goodbye so that I know you are gone – so that I don’t wonder if something dreadful  has happened to you or that I’ve somehow offended.  Tell me goodbye so that I can move on – or move back, back to the way things were before you appeared again.  Tell me goodbye so that I stop waiting for a line from you, checking my email for a note that says, “How was your day?”  I’ve been kind to you.  I hope you see me as a good friend.  Please, do it for me.  If you need to leave, tell me goodbye – because I deserve at least that this time.


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