I wake too early.  My head hurts, my stomach churns and my limbs are filled with lead.  This poison lies just beneath my skin.  I need to remove it quickly – not allow it to roost in my body again.  I place shoes on feet, iPod in ears and step outside.  The sun is bright, the air warm, and the breeze light.  I begin my exorcism. The toxins seep from my pores and release in clouds exhaled from my mouth.  This isn’t alcohol that has poisoned me– it’s anger, bitterness and my chagrin at being played again.  I refuse to let it settle into my body this time.  I refuse to let the poisoner effect me.  Malignant tumors trapped in my sacrum travel up my spine, out the top of my head and into the sky.  There’s a yogic myth that we hold emotion in our hips.  I swing mine rhythmically, breaking loose this bile trapped there. Within an hour, I am sweaty, calm, clear and smiling.  I have released this venom into the wind – and I am peaceful.



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