Allegorically Chocolate

There’s a girl I know who likes chocolate.  Truth be told, she is currently enamored by chocolate.  She indulged in chocolate years ago, but it is verboten to her today. Nevertheless, she visits the chocolate store every day, many times a day.  She smells the coco liquor in the air and smiles.  She admires the bonbons behind the glass, tiny gems filled with magnificent crèmes and caramels.  She sighs as she recalls the feel of coco butter melting in her mouth. She dreams of gorging herself on chocolates, unrestrained.   She treasures her time in the shop, but it is also maddening for her.  Why does she torture herself so?  She is convinced that, very soon, the store’s proprietress will notice her loitering and banish her from the store forever.  This rupture will leave her hollow.  In the meantime, she is tantalized.  She believes her resolve is absolute; she will never falter and succumb to her desire, but is it sound to surround herself with so much temptation?  Wouldn’t it be better for her to fall smitten for donuts?  She has no restrictions on donuts, but donuts don’t interest her now.


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