Your first kiss is so tender on my lips yet drives through my blood.  Can I convey all that is wrapped within this one pure act?  There’s the dance before the kiss: conversation about nothing, playful glances and toying touches.  We are both timid. Yet, the whole time, you are gently pulling, pulling me towards you with your invisible string, but I don’t move.  “Please”, I cry from within, “I cannot wait any longer”.  I try to resist the lure; I cannot look in your eyes.  And then, there is a slight stirring of your being and an almost indiscernible shifting toward me and your lips bewitch mine as I succumb. We’re pulled together – magnetized.  Don’t ask me for permission – I cannot speak now – can’t you see the answer is “yes”.  Kiss me and let me drown in your soft lips upon mine.  With your tongue, pull me from the center of my being.  I am dizzy; I am floating.  Electricity dances through my veins and stirs me between my thighs.  I am weak within your arms. Breathe your warmth into me. Where do I end and where do you begin, I don’t know, I don’t care – just let this kiss wash over me forever.    


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