Lobster Slaughter

It seems I’ve lived a lifetime in a week. Has it really only been five days since I began this culinary adventure?  Monday feels so far away. 


Today, I murdered two Maine lobsters.  The PETA people would be mortified.  I had to put my hesitation aside and suck it up.  If I want to be a chef, this is part of it.  To begin, I hacked each claw from body.  Chef artfully did it with one or two swipes.  I more or less clubbed the suckers off with my knife. The next step is to place the knife blade just behind the head and cut straight down between the eyes.  Flip it around and cut through the tail – all while the legs continue to scrabble.  Lobster juice squirted in my face and lobster brain flung on my book bag. The resulting bisque was delicious, but I’m queasy remembering the process.


This weekend is reserved for homework, knife skills practice and sleeping…lot’s of sleeping.


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