Culinary Yoga

It’s day four of Culinary School and the sun came out a little today.  The last three days, I’ve really been feeling bested.  I always seem to be the last one finished, the one who “doesn’t quite catch on”, the one who always needs a little extra help.  That’s hard on my ego.


On my morning drive to school, I put it all in perspective.  I don’t need to be the best or the fastest.  I just need to finish.  I don’t need 100% – I only need 80% to pass.  This isn’t supposed to be drudgery – this should be fun. This isn’t a life or death situation. 


I began to view school as I do my yoga practice.  In yoga, I don’t stress if I can’t do a pose.  I don’t worry if I’m not as advanced as the student next to me.  I come to my mat, do the best that I can, play and enjoy the process.


Today I practiced Culinary Yoga and it was a good day.  We made cream of broccoli soup. 


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