Falling on your Sword

These days, it’s simple for you to take the gallant approach.  You concede that you were scared, callow and intimidated by the passionate, erudite woman that stood before you.  You take the blame.  You sing my praises, but it’s not the truth.  It’s easy to try to fix it now this way.  Our relationship was complicated.  We were complicated.  Let’s face it, you were not satisfied with the woman I was.  You wanted something else.  I disappointed.  You walked away because I wasn’t what you sought, not because you were afraid.  You were finding cracks long before our trip– T told me.  You blamed it mostly on me – T told me that as well.  Perhaps your eyes had already turned to someone else.


You cannot be condemned for not loving me.  Love cannot be commanded. You didn’t love me and, although it stings to know that, we are where we should be today.  You’re with someone else and me; I’m holding out for someone who loves me – as I am. 


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