Week Four

It’s week four of the pre-packaged meal plan diet.  This morning, the scale said I’m at my halfway mark.  I only have two weeks remaining on the clock so it’s unlikely I’ll hit my goal, but I may get within a few pounds. 


The upside has been that one coworker asked me if I lost weight today and another said I was looking “younger”.  The downside is the crappy food.  It’s edible, but not memorable or enjoyable – a tragedy for a foodie.  My favorites are the red beans and rice with chicken sausage and the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. 


Once I’m done, which should be right around Valentine’s Day, I start on “weight maintenance”.  It’s funny how the meal plan people don’t tell you much about how to go about doing that.  I guess if all the customers were able to lose and then manage their weight, the meal plan folks would go out of business rather quickly.    

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