Brown does not mean Chocolate

Day seven of the portion controlled pre-packaged food diet.  Last night, while savoring my dessert of instant-mix chocolate pudding, I closed my eyes.  What did I taste?  A bit of sweetness – and nothing else. The only indicator of “chocolate” was the coco-brown coloring.  Yes, it was sweet and, yes, it had pudding’s texture, but there ain’t no chocolate in this here puddin’, Mister.  If I changed the coloring, I could change the flavor – yellow for vanilla, ocher for butterscotch and pink for strawberry.  I’ve also noticed that the various pastas in red sauce taste reminiscent of the canned Chef Boyardee of my childhood – Beefaroni and Spaghetti – O’s. 


The food isn’t awful, but it’s a marked step down from the low-cal frozen meals available at the neighborhood grocery store – and they’re probably cheaper.  There isn’t anything that I’ve absolutely hated yet, but I’d mark them low on taste.  If nothing else, my food intake has been plentiful and I don’t feel like I’m starving.  One week down and four more to go. 


Today, N. sent me a package.  Oh, the temptation!  He had included a small box of Fran’s handmade chocolates.   Dark Chocolate enrobed caramels with grey salt and caramels enrobed in milk chocolate with smoked salt.  My mouth waters as I imagine biting into the creamy chocolate shell and plunging my teeth through the rich caramel – the taste heightened by the crunchy bits of salt sprinkled on top.


Willpower – I’m tucking my caramels somewhere safe.  I will bring the box out and responsibly enjoy a piece or two on week six.

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