Sumo Plan for Weight Loss

You will never find me on a TV commercial, but last Thursday, I started one of those portion controlled pre-packaged diet meal plans.


I noticed my weight slowly creeping up on me over the years – even though I seem to be eating less and less “junk” food and enjoying more healthy choices.  The pencil skirt from 2006 no longer lays flat on my rump,  the little black dress from 2005 no longer zips and I know those jeans from 2007 didn’t shrink THAT much in the wash.   When the scale said that I had gained an additional 3 pounds over the holidays, which now had me hovering near a dangerous milestone, I decided that it was time to get this bod back on track.  My goal is to shave 10-11 pounds from my starting weight over the next two months.


When the food arrived, the first thing I noticed was that there is a lot of it!  I know, whenever I hear that from a diet ad, I think the same thing, “yeah right, who do they think they are kidding?  A lot of food for someone with a recent gastric bypass maybe”.  This is no joke!  In addition to my prepackaged breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, I’m supposed to supplement with fruit, veggies, protein and dairy every day.  I’m finding it hard to eat everything required on a daily basis – and I love to eat.  For example, today my munching jaws have consumed:


7:30 am           coffee, two pancakes and fresh blueberry sauce

9 am                nonfat latte

11 am              banana

12 noon            various veggies dipped in balsamic dressing

2 pm                pre-packaged chicken-noodle-in-sauce thing

3:30 pm           nonfat yogurt

4:45 pm           apple

8 pm                pre-packaged black bean soup & 1 c. freshly cooked veggies

9 pm                pre-packaged dessert


Yow!  I’m eating all day!  After four days of shoving food down every two hours or so, I was scared I was on the sumo-wrestler meal plan for weight gain.  This morning, I tentatively stuck my toe on the scale afraid this plan of mine was going to be a big failure and, zing – much to my surprise; I’ve lost 2.5 pounds in four days! 


Now, if I can just get my (slightly smaller) butt to yoga class this week,  I’ll be good. 

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