Give up Your Resolutions!

I wish the 2009 New Year’s resolutionists would hurry up and fall off the wagon!!  They are really mucking up life for those of us who have year-round commitments. 


I’ve got my yoga routine down.  I leave work 30 minutes before class, get changed, whip through the city streets in about 15 minutes, park next to the local Jack-in-the-Box, and arrive at class 5 minutes before it starts.  Once in class, there’s plenty of room for the 8-10 students that show up.  I can unroll my mat and spread out.


Last night, I was on a different planet.  First, I noticed traffic crawling at a snail’s pace.  People are “doing” instead of vegging out in front of the TV at home.    Then, once I arrived, I explored the parking lot.  Cars were circling like buzzards, looking for an empty spot.  There was nowhere to park!  Once I finally found a parking spot (10 minutes late), I ran into the yoga studio only to learn the class was full – 20 students!!!  I was turned away and I trudged back to my car.


As a student of yoga, I’m well aware that I should show COMPASSION for the resolutionists; they’re trying to better themselves.  But, damn, does it have to be at the sacrifice of my own wellbeing? I’m trying again tonight – leaving 45 minutes before class.  However, if any of you resolutionists are reading this, give up – you know you’re not going to keep up with your resolutions anyway.  Why fight it?

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