No Soul

“Digital has no soul!”  I’d shout. That was my case for not switching my film cameras to new-fangled digitals.  When digital cameras first became popular, my protests were valid.  The images produced couldn’t come near the subtle nuances film could produce. 


We’ve come a long way and I can’t tell digital images from film. I’m a convert – welcome to the church of digital images.  Tonight was my first night of a new photography class – helping me unlearn my film camera habits and learn how to make beautiful pictures with digital.   The last photography class I took consisted of rolling film on spools in black rooms, hiding packs of paper from light leaks and protecting clothes from yellowish-brown bleach stains.  I miss the “hands on” of old B&W photography.  By contrast, this class was dry and sterile (not unlike old digital) and loooonnngggg.  I must bring coffee next time.


I haven’t bought my new camera yet. I’m waiting to sell three of my film cameras on EBay and educate myself on what I want in my new camera. 


1 thought on “No Soul

  1. oh I don’t think I would ever give up film. I do like digital too but developing and making prints in the darkroom is a side that I just love (even the smell would you believe !). Another thing I love about film is the grain and the glow it gives to photos, not so enthused about digital noise, it’s the ugly cousin of film grain I think. Still, digital is cool and I also think shoot with what works best with the individual ! In the end it don’t matter what you use, it’s the pictures that you produce that counts !
    Good luck with finding your new camera by the way 🙂


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