Grinding Away

It’s back to the grind.  After a few weeks of holidays, vacations, casual dress days, fattening food, half days, waking up at noon and an overall slowdown at work, it’s back to normal.  It’s only Tuesday, and I’m already exhausted. 


My days at work are busy again – the avoided work has piled up.  Also on Monday, I had my first night of a 10-week photography class (Pat Coakley at Single for a Reason has been inspiring me) until 9:30.  After class, I came home, warmed up some soup*, read a few chapters and went to sleep.  I was up early this morning for the “Screen Repair” guy.  Tonight, I’m starting my yoga practice in earnest again.  Hopefully, I’ll have energy when I get home from that to begin the Christmas tree defrocking process.


I’m just trying to take one day at a time, not trying to get overwhelmed by the never-ending “to do” list.


* Made a lentil chicken sausage soup on Sunday. I’d call it a “basic lentil soup” – if I want lentil soup, this would be the recipe.  If I want something exotic for my lentils, I’d go elsewhere.


Side Note:  I just found out yesterday that an ex-boyfriend got married.  He’s not someone I’d want to be with now, but it bothers me nonetheless.  I’m curious as to why it disturbs me.  Why do I feel like the jilted lover even though it’s been years since we’ve been together and he would never make me happy?  I want to be happy for him, but I’m not.  I secretly hope they’re miserable together.  I should be above that.  It’s tough admitting that I’m not.

2 thoughts on “Grinding Away

  1. Ex’s are Vexing!
    That’s the problem with old boyfriends/girlfriends, you leave them alone for a few years and they start getting married and crazy stuff like that. I try not to have too many relationships; it just encourages the wedding business. hee hee!

    note: I’m on your blogroll! I didn’t do it honest.
    Thanks (smiley face)


    • So you’ve noticed that you made my “short list” blogroll (you are among good company). You have a very warped (in a GOOD way) sense of humor – I love it. Always good for a mid-day pick-me-up!


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