Baby, it’s cold outside

In My world (note:  my interaction with current news is spotty at best):

Me:      Hey, I want to see some snow!

Him:     Let’s go to Upstate NY for a few days.

Me:      Sounds great!  I better get warm boots because it could get down to the low 30’s there!


Simultaneously, in the Real world:

Reuters: A powerful ice storm knocked out power to about 1.2 million homes and businesses across New York and New England on Friday, closing roads, delaying trains and forcing the state of Maine to shut government offices. “This is a very, very serious situation,” New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch said after declaring an emergency in his state, where as many as 400,000 lost power in what local authorities described as the worst outages in three decades. “I don’t think anyone anticipated it would be as bad as it is,” Lynch said, calling the devastation far greater than an infamous 1998 storm when 55,000 homes lost power and some went a full week in the dark.

National Grid Plc reported about 318,000 customers in New England without power and 190,000 in eastern New York, adding it could take several days to restore power. “It’s going to be cold this weekend,” said Steve Brady, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service’s southern New England office, predicting temperatures well below freezing.


My World:

Me:      It looks like the trees are Lalique or dipped in Swarovski Crystals.











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