Ho, Ho, Hold On!

When I was a child, the Christmas wait was long and interminable.  It seemed the time between Thanksgiving and December 25 was a lifetime.  There was plenty of time for gift shopping, present wrapping, cookie baking, tree trimming, card writing and carol singing.  I ask you, when did it all change?


I’ve reached the conclusion that, with each year added to our birth date, each hour shrinks by 30 seconds.  In other words, you get 60 minutes in an hour before you are one year’s old.  There’s only 55 minutes once you turn 10,  At 30 years, our hours have shrunk to 45 minutes and once you reach the big 4-oh, you must do an hour-long project in exactly 40 minutes.   Therefore, instead of 36,000 minutes between December 1 and December 25, we have a mere 24,000 minutes to get it all done – less, when you consider we will spend approximately 9,000 of it sleeping.


No wonder it’s December 16 and I have not:

  • Finished shopping
  • Bought, addressed or mailed Christmas cards
  • Creamed  eggs, sugar and butter
  • Strapped a tree to my car
  • Heard, let alone sung, a Christmas carol

I’m not a Grinch or Scrooge.  I like the holidays.  I don’t see them as sources of depression, stress or anxiety.  However, I do notice that as I get older I must pare down the grandiosity of my celebration due to limited time.  I’m now ordering my Christmas non-fat and decaf.  It’s Christmas bare bones and assembled over the impending weekend – a couple of last-minute gifts, a manageable tree, no frills wrapping and a few rudimentary cookies.


And, before I know it, I’ll be commenting on how quickly 2009 has flown by. 


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