Duck Procrastination

Every Christmas Eve, I prepare a pork roast for dinner.  It’s an amazingly simple recipe from Gourmet Magazine that produces tender, moist, fall-off-the-bone, porky goodness.  It always receives rave reviews.  My secrets are that it’s easy to prepare – combine the five ingredients and let it cook while I entertain; and inexpensive – pork shoulder is a steal! 


Unfortunately, after too many glasses of wine last year, I proclaimed to the guests that I would cook duck this year.  Actually, not a duck; I’ll need at least four ducks for our gang.  I gathered a dozen or so duck recipes in July, completely confident that I could hone my duck-cooking skills months before Christmas rolled around.  Well, there’s 19 days left before St. Nick’s Eve and I’ve yet to dance with a duck in my kitchen.  Does watching someone prepare a duck count? Out of those 19 days, I’m going to be traveling eight of them.

I have time for one trial run this Saturday.  One shot at making something fantastic for the most important meal of the year.  I’ve narrowed it down to five of the easier recipes, but still can’t decide on the best choice.  Which one sounds better to you?


~ Roast Duck with Dried Cherry Sauce

~ Duck with Honey and Lavender

~ Roast Duck with Port-Garlic Sauce

~ Slow-Roasted Duck with Olive Gravy and Garlic-Fennel Confit

~ Basic Crisp Roast Duck


I can’t decide!


2 thoughts on “Duck Procrastination

  1. Oooh…one of each please!

    The dried cherry sounds the best to me, followed closely by the olive gravy and garli-fennel confit!

    Good luck with whatever you choose!


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