Blogging for Health and Happiness

I’ve kept a journal a good portion of my adult life.  Written as “stream of consciousness”, I threw up my thoughts and feelings onto the page.  It didn’t matter if my rantings made sense – not even to me.  No one was going to read my pages.  I scribbled my emotions onto the page to remove them from my head – nothing more.


I’ve exchanged my journals for these posts and, with this new medium, my writing style has changed.  Although still not written with an audience in mind, I find myself compelled to make some semblance of sense, lest anyone read this.  On these posts, my thoughts organize. They have a true beginning and a definite end. My musings line up to become a bit more structured and defined.  Ideas are crystallized.


There is an unexpected benefit to this new process.  When needing to voice my position aloud, there is clarity in my words.  I’ve worked out my dilemma in posts and can state my beliefs so that the listener understands.  My posts become my compass, guiding me towards the right path.  My internal (and external) conflicts work themselves out before the wrong word is spoken.  I can gather my thoughts, arrange them, cull the unnecessary ones, and arrive at a clear picture.  I can then present this picture for others’ viewing.


I had a difficult conversation today.  It was one mulled over in a previous post.   I stated my position, pulling liberally from that post.  There were no hurt feelings, misunderstandings or conflict.  My listener got it.  They understood.


My writings have given my voice clarity.


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