Beginner’s Mind

“The beginner’s mind has many possibilities, while the expert’s has few.” – Suzuki Roshi.


Yoga Day 2:  Another 1-2 class and I struggle once again.  One of the pitfalls of an experienced practitioner is that one tends to loose the “beginner’s mind”.  The kernel of light within my struggle is that I’ve once again connected with my beginner’s mind.  Every pose feels new; my attention is on each movement.  Sometimes, I skip the vinyasa, moving instead into down-dog. I’m giving myself permission not to push my edge, reminding myself that I’ve been sick.  However, I catch my thoughts, I haven’t been sick – I just haven’t been practicing.  Perhaps my true self realizes not practicing causes sickness within me, stagnation, dis-ease.  I toil, I sweat, and I forget to breathe.  But, I step out of class softer, more stable, balanced.   

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