Casualties of War

It’s a beautiful day.  I have the top down on my convertible, the air is brisk but the sun keeps me warm.  My spirits are high – I’m on my way to buy flowers and plants for the bright pots on my doorstep.


 I u-turn in front of the Planned Parenthood building and I see them – a motley crew of a dozen or so with poorly drawn signs that read “Save the Babies” and “Abortion is Murder”.  My light mood turns dark immediately.  I silently give them the finger as I drive by the crowd. My body vibrates in anger.


I’m not outspoken – I  don’t take a stand politically and I don’t usually speak out on social issues.  However, a few things burn me up inside: narrow-mindedness is one of those things.


You stupid, stupid people!  Don’t you realize that Planned Parenthood is about providing choices?  Don’t you realize that you are scaring young women away from getting birth control, getting tested for communicable diseases, from getting help?  


What good are you doing?  So what – you’ve scared someone away from a legal abortion.  You’ve also scared ten women away from getting birth control (causing a few more unwanted pregnancies), three women from getting a pap (one of them dies from cancer), one woman from having an AIDS test (which leads to her unknowingly infecting her partner) and the teenage couple that were considering giving their unborn child up for adoption. Not to mention, the pregnant woman you scared away just drove over the border to have her procedure done in a slightly less antiseptic office.


How can you think that this action you take is good works?  Do you pat yourself on the back for a job well done?  Are the other humans harmed by your protests just “collateral damage” from your “War on Abortion”?  You have the right to protest – but I have the right to flip you off.


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