Spring Cleaning in October

Yes, yes, I’ve been remiss in posting of late, but I have not forgotten…The world is pulling me in a hundred different directions.  I feel like salt-water taffy!


Today let me talk about T.  Last year, I spent more time with T than anybody else.  Even though it was a male/female relationship, we were just friends – and BOTH of us wanted it that way. 


Late last year, T met a woman in another city.  Within a month, she had moved in with him.  Within three months, they became engaged.  By six months, they were married.


They have been married for six months now.  Since they met, I’ve never spent time with T alone again and haven’t spoken to him since a week after their marriage.  His lack of consideration for me hurt and made me sad.  I felt rejected.


If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I’ve reconnected with my good friend, N, and I brought this up as a concern to him.  He has a long-term girlfriend and, based on my recent experience with T, I was afraid that I would once again be cast aside.


N said to me, “You are my friend and important to me.  If my girlfriend cannot allow me this connection, then she is the one who should be cast aside…what would you have me do, call you back saying ‘hey old buddy’ once we are divorced?  What kind of a friend is that?”


That comment made me think – exactly, what kind of a friend is that? And with that, I realized I could let T go and not look back.  I don’t need someone like that in my life and I don’t lament his letting go of me.


 I wish T and his wife a long, happy, fertile, committed relationship together.  I hope that he gets and keeps everything that he desires.  With all the love that I have for T, I wish him a lifetime of happiness!


There are good people out there.  Ones that won’t hurt, disappoint or treat you offhandedly.  I hope that everyone has someone like that in their life. 


1 thought on “Spring Cleaning in October

  1. I tell myself this a lot…but apparently I don’t listen too well. I really wish I could learn that I’m a valuable person that deserves to be treated with dignity. Maybe someday…

    I admire you for being able to discern the truth, and to believe it.


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