Dear N:


You told me today that you are nervous about seeing me again.  Please don’t be nervous – or you’ll make me nervous, too. I don’t want our first meeting after so many years to be uncomfortable.  Pretend like it’s nothing – as if we haven’t seen each other for a month or two – not the many years that it’s really been.  I’ll meet you at the airport, all smiles, and you’ll give me one of your big hugs.  I don’t want us to stand there, smiling goofily, as we stare at each other astonished by how we’ve changed.  We’ll throw your luggage in the trunk and head off for our adventure – two friends making a day of it, chatting and laughing.  Let’s not make this anything too heady or serious.  Our day will be casual, comfortable and easy.  Please don’t be nervous – I’m trying so hard to stay calm.  


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