5 Things You May Not Know

N said something today that surprised me.  He said that he didn’t know anything about my fundamental characteristics; my foundational principles.  N and I have known each other for almost 15 years.  Admittedly, we haven’t ever had a long growing season for our friendship – we’ve always been in and out of touch – mostly out.  It’s been somewhere between 9 and 6 years since our last dinner together.  Still, I thought that my life’s philosophy was evident to those around me.  I’m discovering that I was wrong.  So, here’s the five things my friends should know about me – in no particular order:


1. I delight in the sensations I experience in the world around me: super-saturated colors, the simplicity and contrast of black and white, the scent and patter of rain, the graininess of aged cheese, the creaminess of Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles, the smokiness, crackling and warmth of a fire, the sounds of the forest, the softness of cashmere,  the tingle of Fleur de Sel, the grain and smell of aged wood and the sweetness of a Narcissus blossom.  My pleasure is found through the senses.


2. I’m loyal to those close to me and I expect it in return.  If you’ve betrayed me, it is difficult to regain my trust. Betrayal cuts me very deeply. Trust, respect and loyalty are essential.


3. I strive for balance; I’m always looking for the Yin/Yang in my life, my work, my spirituality, my relationships.  When I’m balanced, I feel the most in tune with life’s pulse.  Yoga, meditation, cooking and playing in the dirt help me to balance.


4.  I’m introverted. I spend large chunks of my free time by myself and I like it – need it – that way.  I enjoy my time with others, but need down time alone to “recharge”.  I’m shy and usually uncomfortable around those I don’t know.


5. Contentment is not the same as complacency.  I detest complacency and embrace contentment.


My Favorite quote right now:  “There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground” – Rumi


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