Oh my god…literally!

Am I the only person who thinks there are an inordinate number of Christian blogs at wordpress.com?  If bloggers want to declare their love of god and Jesus, more power to them – I’m a firm believer in free speech.  However, instead of tagging their blog under “religion” or “Christianity”, which, if someone were searching for a blog about Jesus, they would search first, they tag them under “love”, “life”, “friends”, “culture” and a shit-load of other categories to the point where it’s painful to try to find a blog about something other than Christianity.


Did I miss something?  Did Focus on the Family come out with a manifesto that every true Christian must start a blog to help spread the word to us heathens? 


They probably don’t want to read my “pagan” blog either – but then again, I don’t tag it under “Christianity”.


3 thoughts on “Oh my god…literally!

  1. Yeah, I guess they figure their Jewish Zombie god would lie to people today if he had to get converts too…. Least that’s all I can figure!

    Go math and science!!!!

    Nice post.


  2. oh sorry, another point…. I suppose that’s why most of the stuff I write that is specifically related to atheism I go ahead and tag religion…. along with philosophy, thoughts…. I need to make a new tag for “made up deities” when I get to the point that I’m POINTEDLY attacking Jesus, why is the christian god using a latino name????


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