Mr. Goodbar – Now with Nuts!


I consider myself a fairly levelheaded individual.  It’s because of this sensibility that I’m painfully aware that I’m completely nuts. 


I claim to want something (an active dating life) and go through the motions to obtain the object of my wanting (an online personal ad) only to sabotage myself from completion (flake!).


I flaked on The Beav this weekend. 


I want  – and yet I don’t want.  What’s the purpose of this continual self-sabotage?


2 thoughts on “Mr. Goodbar – Now with Nuts!

  1. The thing is…and I am making an assumption here: You want what you want…and anything less than what you want…is simply..umm..not what you want. (Damn, I’m a frickin’ poet).

    In other words, you want to date…and you have been proactive about it, but thus far, you haven’t seen the results in a dating pool you’d like to dip into.

    There is nothing at all wrong with that. Some women aren’t built for dating casually. I’m not…maybe you aren’t either.

    That sounds very logical and together and empowering…..but don’t you ever feel like you’re just finding reasons that he’s not right? Did you ever see the Seinfeld where he breaks up with a woman because she eats her peas one at a time? That’s SO me! I definitely have specific tastes – and it’s not that I’m looking for Mr. Perfect – and I realize that most men won’t fall into that narrow catagory. I’d just like to open up my standards a bit (umm..figuratively). Haven’t checked your post yet – how was the date with the cop?


  2. Haha! I have seen that Seinfeld episode…and yep..that’s me too. I’m SURE I look for reasons to not date guys. But, it’s possible, if he were the right guy, I wouldn’t find those things. I don’t mind flaws in men, it just depends on the flaw. I went out with a really handsome, wealthy, smart, funny guy once…but he pronounced the word “supposedly” like “supposebly” (like Joey on Friends)…and I could not put up with it. And he said it 10x in one conversation! Good grief!

    I’m not looking for Mr. Perfect…just Mr. Perfect For Me. I think I’ll know him when I meet him (if I haven’t already…everybody sigh for unrequited love!).

    Umm…yeah…the cop. Not a love connection. I probably should have known by his profession…but hey, I was “putting myself out there”. Whatever the hell that means.

    “I’m not looking for Mr. Perfect…just Mr. Perfect For Me.” – I hear you, sister!


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