Mr. Goodbar Part 2 – Taking a bite

I’ve booked my first internet date.  We’re meeting for a drink on Saturday.  I’m trying to remain open-minded, but eagerbeaver08 may be a little too enthusiastic. His first email to me said, “You seem like a great woman and someone I would want to share life with and get to know and love”.  He got all that from a photo and 200 words?  His second missive said “I am going to France in Sept. I’m very excited but it would be nice if I was bringing someone to share it with. It would be nice if it was someone as lovely as you seem to be”.  OK, so it sounds like Mr. Eager has us traveling on a trip to France next month with marriage soon to follow.  Maybe I need to add to my profile that I’m a “one step at a time” kind of girl.  Whoa, Beaver!


Just in case Mr. Eager wants to slice me up and keep me hidden in a box under his bed, I’m making sure date #1 is in a brightly-lit public establishment. 



4 thoughts on “Mr. Goodbar Part 2 – Taking a bite

  1. Hey there… I was tag-surfing and came across your blog. Very nice. This most recent post reminds me of something I read on a site once when reviewing online dating sites. Check it out here ( There are a ton of stories about “EagerBeavers” who are traveling and turn into scams. I’m not saying this is your situation, but just a heads up. Keep blogging!


  2. Ewww…he sounds creepy! Go with your instincts! If you really want to go…then go and have fun. If you are hesitating at all…don’t do it!

    (I don’t know why I feel the need to counsel a grown woman. Especially one that didn’t ask for advice! Sorry!)

    Phoren: I know – I’m trying to be open minded. I seem to ALWAYS find some reason not to go. But, I still haven’t “officially” confirmed with him. There’s definitely some hesitation on my part!


  3. I’m curious to know if you went on the date! And if so, that you aren’t chopped up into tiny bits!

    Phoren: I’m such a chicken-shit…I didn’t end up going. I just wasn’t feeling it – and he did seem a bit creepy. No wonder I’m dateless – I’m not good a taking chances.


  4. I am the same way! I would’ve chickened out I’m sure.

    Well, it’s better that than being chopped into tiny bits! 🙂

    I’ll tell you something that usually makes me want to punch people when they tell me…but still seems like good counsel:

    “Don’t force it…there is someone out there for you…it will happen naturally…until then, don’t fret…blah, blah, blah”.

    Hopefully those statements hold true for you!


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