Happiness High


I’m high with happiness today – on organic ecstasy! 


Have you ever had a friend so dear that they seemed enmeshed in your soul?  Someone who brings sunshine into your life with his mere presence?  My friend, N, was that for me.  He brought me joy –  tied up with a ribbon of light.


Somehow, we lost touch with each other over the years – he lived with a woman, Alana, and I was dating someone.  It’s difficult to keep up a male/female friendship when “significant others” are in the picture. 


I’ve thought about N often– wondering what he’s doing, where he’s living, if he’s a husband and father.  Every so often, I’d try to locate him on the internet only to receive the googlocious response “We’re sorry, no results found for N.  Did you mean M?”  I most certainly did NOT mean M – M means nothing to me!  Yesterday afternoon, I tried once again and, to my astonishment, N’s contact information was glowing back at me on the screen.


Without hesitation, I fired off an email and received three in response – one with phone number. He’s been looking for me, too.   I’ve been elated all day and couldn’t wait to call – got his voicemail, but he sounds the same.  I’ve missed him – I’ve missed us.  Today, I can’t stop smiling.


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