Something Completely Inappropriate

 Perhaps Evolution isn’t always the best thing.  Monkeys throw feces at each other when they are displeased.  Maybe it wasn’t an advancement for our species when Homo sapiens evolved out of this practice. Normally, I’m an easygoing person, but sometimes I get pissed off.  Instead of clearing the air of anger and frustration, I ruminate about it.  When wronged, some people turn the other cheek, some become overly aggressive – road rage or “going postal” – and still others take out their anger through passive-aggressive sabotage.  How much easier it would be if, when we were upset at someone, we could just pick up a piece of poop and fling it.  No mixed messages there.  Thhwwappp – when you’ve been splattered with feces, there’s no mistaking someone’s not happy with your behavior. 


People I’d like to throw poop at today:

  • George W.
  • My ex-friend, T., who has no time for me now that he’s met and married his new wife
  • The jackass in the left turn lane who backed up his fat-ass SUV into my new car today

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