Yoga Retreat in Montana – Day 2

This morning, I awoke before the alarm.  My body’s a little stiff from sleeping on a foam pad and I have a slight sore throat – no doubt from mouth breathing the cold night air. And, boy, is the air cold this morning.  It’s freezing inside the yurt, but toasty in bed.  My clothes lay on the other side of the room and I’m devising my game plan that will allow me to get dressed quickly and spend the least time possible naked in the cold morning air.  One, two, three… up and out, yoga top, yoga pants, sweatshirt and socks – OK, done, brrr!  The communal bathhouse is a short hike from the yurt.  I’ve discovered I’m the only guest not staying in the main house so the bathhouse is essentially mine for the week.  The deer, this time a female with her white-tailed baby, are once again grazing close by as my shoes crunch along the path.  Wildflowers – purple, blue, orange, yellow and white – are everywhere! 


P.S. Yea, they have coffee – I can survive anything now!



1 thought on “Yoga Retreat in Montana – Day 2

  1. Well, except for the idea of a “communal bathroom” (nightmares from Jr. High resurface)…I am dying of jealousy. It looks amazing there. And, hello! Cold air in July? Where is this Nirvana you speak of? Oh, yes…Montana.

    I can’t wait to see what else your days have in store for you.


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