Yoga Retreat in Montana – Day 1

With the lack of internet and laptop – and my desire to stay as far away from any electronic gadget as possible, this was handwritten last week – transcribed this week.

A delayed flight meant a late arrival for me at the ranch. I’m now hastily scrubbed and ready for bed, buried under the covers. It’s 9:30 and still twilight. My yurt is sparse – no chair, no mirror and no dresser for my clothes. My bed is a foam pad, but the covers are copious and I’m toasty underneath them. To get to my yurt, “Delta”, from the main house, I travel up a dirt road, over a narrow meandering gravel path and across a small bridge to reach it. I’m far away from the house. I can hear a small creek burbling behind the yurt. On my way back from the bathhouse, I startled a huge female deer just steps from my yurt – or, more honestly, she startled me. I’m tired from all of the traveling and just want to sleep.


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