End of Stagnation

My yoga retreat is fast approaching.  I haven’t been practicing as much as I should and I’m concerned that my muscles aren’t ready for the grueling rigors of a vacation that solely revolves around yoga.


The rest of me, that isn’t tied to my anemic muscles, is ready to be detoxed and cleansed – brain, spirit, blood and organs.  My body feels clogged like an unused garden hose.  I want to turn on the clear, cold, sparkling water so that I can dislodge the stagnant water and crud of spiders and webs, mud, rust and weeds that have accumulated – pushing the gunk sputtering out the end.


I want to become clear about what I need – for my head, for my heart, for my health – and I’m hopeful that this will be the environment for doing it.


I’m ready for the bears, bugs, camping bathrooms, vegetarian meals, and an “invigorating closeness to nature”, but, damn, I hope they have coffee!


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