Dating Slump

In the dating world, I’m in the middle of what could only be called “a slump”. It’s been over a year since my last date.  Oddly, I haven’t even noticed the time lapse until recently.  Sure, occasionally I’d make a half-hearted attempt to meet someone new, but it never came to anything in the end.  Either he wasn’t interested, I wasn’t interested or it just didn’t pan out.  I’m a firm believer that you receive what you focus on – either because the “Law of Attraction” actually exists or merely through a heightened awareness of the world (i.e.  If you keep the color “blue” in your awareness, you begin to notice more blue things) – but I’m having difficulty keeping a desire for a new love interest in the forefront of my mind. 


It’s so easy and uncomplicated to be single.  I think, deep down in my subconscious, a part of me would like to stay unfettered forever. 


Ten Reasons to remain Single

1.         No one will criticize me if I arrive home from work, jump in my PJ’s, turn on the TV and eat a bowl of popcorn for dinner, glued to the sofa in pure couch-potato form

2.         I can sleep anywhere I want in the bed

3.         I’m not required to call anyone at any certain time of the day.  If I don’t want to talk for a weekend, I can do that    

4.         I can buy whatever I can afford and no one is going to question me about the practicality of my purchase

5.         I can let my cat lick my ice cream cone and no one will see it and be disgusted

6.         I can pee with the bathroom door open

7.         Non-essential grooming is at my own discretion – not a requirement

8.         I can leave dishes in the sink

9.         The toilet seat is always down

10.        My free time is MY time – I can schedule my day however I want


Ten Reasons to find a mate

1.         SEX!

2.         A reason to get all dolled up

3.         Something warm to snuggle with other than my cat

4.         Cooking for two is always better than cooking for one

5.         A partner in crime for life’s adventures

6.         A confidant to share secrets with

7.         Confirmed plans every Saturday night

8.         Seeing the world through another pair of eyes

9.         Help with my many home improvement projects

10.        Did I mention Sex? On a regular basis…



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