Six Degrees…or five, or four

How many degrees of separation are there, really,  now that we have sites like My Space, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as search engines like Google?

Just last week, for example, I received an email from two old acquaintances who were, in their words, “looking for me”.  I haven’t seen either of them in close to ten years; we were never what I would call “close”; we can hardly have anything in common now (my social days are far behind me); and, frankly, I haven’t a clue as to why my name would even pop up in their conversation.  But, they found me on the internet – although not through this blog.  Emails were exchanged – but I’m still not sure what they wanted.

Even more recently (today),  I was reading this Buddhist’s blog that I find intriguing – I’ve never met the writer, don’t know him and don’t live near him – but enjoy reading his view on things, even though I sometimes disagree.  This site had a link to his local friend/musician and I decided to click on it to get a sense of what a Buddhist rocks to.  Once redirected to the musician’s site, up pops an article  about her opening for a relatively undiscovered band – a band I had just met by chance yesterday.  I don’t find this crazy-strange, and perhaps it was merely a coincidence.  It did, however, make me once again wonder if we are linked closer than we realize.

So,  how many degrees are there between you and someone you want to meet?  I’m guessing three. The Buddhist blogger would probably say “none at all”.


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