Chocolate Frosting Sunday Sundae

I wandered around Glassell and the Orange Circle this afternoon in hopes of finding interesting things to photograph with my new Holga plastic camera.   It’s hard to see the world with a photographer’s eye these days.  I ended up spending more time strolling in, out and around the local antique stores looking at side tables.  I did manage to click off a few photos before I made a typical Holga “newbie” blunder.  With the camera’s strap over my shoulder, the metal clips gave way and the camera clattered to the floor. The faceplate popped off exposing the film inside.  “That’s why they give you electrical tape”, I sheepishly thought.  I burned the remaining photos doing multiple exposures of my garden Buddha once I got safely home. Stay tuned to see if any turn out.


During my ramblings, I found a cozy café on Glassell, just north of the circle, called Caffe Lucca.  I sipped a rich cappuccino and devoured hunks of sausage enrobed in melted cheese and nestled between bread in their version of a panini.  Unable to decide on dessert, I took the counter guy’s recommendation of the pure chocolate gelato.  It was like eating a scoop of chocolate fudge frosting – just as sweet, just as creamy and just as filling – all a bit much for me.    


I image I’ll go back  the the cafe – no only to try another flavor of gelato more to my liking – but, this seems like a great place to relax, enjoy a cappuccino in a ceramic “for here” cup (I didn’t know they still existed) and read, write or daydream.


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