Bend the Body, Still the Mind

Friday night is yoga practice.  I’m disappointed in myself and feel as though I have not been true to my practice since November, but I know that isn’t completely true.  Although it has been weeks since I’ve been on a regular schedule; too busy with work to keep up with this self-nurturing.  Part of the practice is to be non-judging, yet I chastise myself for my abysmal practice last night….and then chastise myself for chastising myself – this is my samskara today.  My body is tight, my muscles weak.  Last week ended eight months of high stress and my body has reacted by lowering its defenses – this week finds me with a sore throat, swollen glands, and a pinched nerve in my neck and shoulder.  Part of me would rather go home,  curl up on the couch, eat ice cream and watch formulaic cop shows. Yet, tonight, I go to my mat because I know that nothing will make me feel better than my practice. 


2 thoughts on “Bend the Body, Still the Mind

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